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Child and Baby Cardiology

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It is standard practice to recommend fetal ultrasound scanning of the fetus for mothers who have a genetic ultrasound scan at 18-20 weeks that shows a cardiac abnormality or a suspected genetic abnormality or who are at high risk for cardiac abnormalities. At our institute, we  also perform infant ultrasound scans, which allows us to detect possible heart problems at this age. 

Child and baby radiology, screeing

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An ultrasound scan of the hips, abdomen and skull at 6-8 weeks after birth can reveal birth and developmental problems that may not yet be causing visible problems, but early detection is important for the healthy development of your baby. The infant ultrasound scan is completely safe and painless, has no side effects and babies tolerate it peacefully. You can as well contact us if your child needs a radiological screening recommended by a pediatric doctor.

Child neurology

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Just as in adults, there are many complaints and symptoms in children that may have a neurological cause. In order to choose an effective treatment, it is always best to first assess the presence and nature of the neurological lesions, which our paediatric neurology clinic can help you with.

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In December 2023, we opened our Géndino children's clinic dedicated to children, by moving our specialized clinics, which have been operating excellently for years, to a dedicated building, supplemented by an excellent general pediatric team. In the new clinic, we now welcome children and their parents in a nice, friendly environment.

Child any Baby Urology

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Examples of problems treated by paediatric urology include foreskin problems, urethral malformations, testicular descent disorders, and in girls, labia developmental disorders and cellular adhesion of the labia minora. It is best to have these problems treated by a urological specialist to avoid, for example, subsequent urinary tract infections and other complications. At our centre we offer a full range of paediatric urology services.

Pediatric examination

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Contact our excellent pediatricians for a comprehensive, detailed, long examination of your child's illness! You can expect fast and accurate diagnosis with immediate laboratory tests, experienced pediatricians who follow the latest professional guidelines, and a truly child-friendly, playful environment.

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