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It is standard practice to recommend fetal ultrasound scanning of the fetus for mothers who have a genetic ultrasound scan at 18-20 weeks that shows a cardiac abnormality or a suspected genetic abnormality or who are at high risk for cardiac abnormalities. At our institute, we  also perform infant ultrasound scans, which allows us to detect possible heart problems at this age. 

Ultrasound scans of the heart, also known as echocardiography, use ultrasound to show the heart on a computer screen. It is also possible to perform a Doppler test, in which the ultrasound machine emits high-frequency waves, some of which are absorbed by the body and some of which are reflected back. This method not only allows simple images of the heart to be taken, but also measures the speed and direction of the blood flow in the heart.

The combination of the two tests can provide the paediatric cardiologist with qualitative information about the anatomical and functional state of the infant’s heart.

What does paediatric cardiology do?

Paediatric cardiology deals with heart disease in children, some of which is congenital and some of which is acquired heart disease. The most common congenital heart diseases are cardiac malformations.

Paediatric cardiology is carried out by a specially trained paediatrician who is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of congenital and childhood-acquired heart diseases and arrhythmias.

Please note that we can examine children weighing up to 30 kg in our paediatric cardiology clinic.

What are the reasons to see a paediatric cardiologist?

For a screening test if:

  • there is a family history of a heart development disorder or heart disease,
  • developmental abnormalities of other organs,
  • or suspected cardiac malformations in foetal life.

In the event of a complaint or symptom where heart disease or cardiac arrhythmia is suspected. This includes, for example:

  • murmurs heard above the heart (heart murmur),
  • bluish-purple discoloration of the skin (cyanosis),
  • failure to develop weight,
  • frequent, recurrent lung disease,
  • rapid or strong palpitations, chest pain,
  • sudden onset of fatigue,
  • reduced exercise capacity.

How is the paediatric cardiology assessment carried out?

The paediatric cardiology examination is made up of several parts. In all cases, children are examined in the presence and with the active participation of their parents, in a relaxed and friendly environment.
The presentation of previous records and a child care record book can help in the diagnosis of the disease.

The paediatric cardiological examination consists of the following tests:

Physical examination, during which the child is palpated, the heart is listened to, and, if necessary, blood pressure and oxygen saturation are measured;
ECG examination, which provides information on the electrical activity of the heart;
cardiac ultrasound scan, which uses special equipment to show the structure and function of the heart in different ways, as a function of heart cycles and time.
Other extended tests: exercise ECG, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring (ABPM), Holter ECG monitoring and laboratory tests may be required based on complaints to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

With all this information, we will summarise the results and provide a detailed and personalised assessment.

Further actions, suggestions and a date for a follow-up examination will be given in the form of a written opinion.


General pediatric examination
The clinic offers both acute and chronic paediatric care
32 000 Ft
CRP laborautomata teszt
3 000 Ft
RSV laborautomata teszt
4 000 Ft
COVID/Influenza A,B komplex laborautomata teszt
4 000 Ft
Pediatric Allergology Examination
32 000 Ft
Pediatric Allergology Controll
27 000 Ft
Evaluation of Alex test within Pediatric Allergology Examination
39 000 Ft
Evaluation of Alex test
27 000 Ft
Please note that In the case of allergy tests requested without a specialist examination, we cannot be held responsible if the patient has not taken the test that is right for them.
Blood testing is available every weekday between 9:00-14:30, advance booking required.
Alex test complete panel test
result in 3 weeks
79 900 Ft
Alex test subpanels
result in 3 weeks
49 900-69 900 Ft
Inhalative 30 IgE panel
result in 2 weeks
16 900 Ft
Nutritive 30 IgE panel
result in 2 weeks
16 900 Ft
Child 16 IgE panel
result in 2 weeks
16 900 Ft
Unique allergens
by allergens
6 000 Ft
Component based allergy testing (molecular)
price by components
5 900 Ft
by allergens
900 Ft
Child ad baby blood sampling fee
The price is payable once per visit, regardless of the number of tests ordered. The anaesthesia used during blood sampling is free of charge for children.
3.200 Huf
Newborn ultrasound screening (infant ultrasound) »
Three regions: skull, abdomen and hips
32 000 Ft
Twin newborn ultrasound screening with discount (twin discount per child)
27 000 Ft
Newborn ultrasound examination (infant ultrasound)
Examination of a region
19 000 Ft
Pediatric ultrasound (abdominal and pelvic)
Up to 14 years of age
21 000 Ft
Child ultrasound for other regions
up to the age of 14
17 000 Ft
Child ultrasound check
until the age of 14
15 000 Ft
Specialist examination in infant and paediatric cardiology »
Please note that we can examine children weighing up to 30 kg in our paediatric cardiology clinic.
36 000 Ft
Specialist control in infant and paediatric cardiology
31 000 Ft
Genetic counselling
32 000 Ft
Humangenetic consultation
25 000 Ft
Testing for inherited genetic disorders
Genetic counselling or consultation required
unique price
SMA genetic testing
góGenetic counselling or consultation required
49 000 Ft
Duchenne/Becker muscledistrophy (DMD) genetic testing
Genetic counselling or consultation required
165 000 Ft
Fragile X-syndrome genetic testing
Genetic counselling or consultation required
105 000 Ft
Cystic Fibrosis genetic testing
Genetic counselling or consultation required
85 000 Ft
Cariotyping (cytogentical chromosomes testing)
Genetic counselling or consultation required
45 000 Ft
Lactose sensitivity genetic susceptibility testing
Genetic counselling or consultation required
16 500 Ft
Gluten sensitivity genetic susceptibility testing
Genetic counselling or consultation required
33 000 Ft
Paediatric neurological examination
36 000 Ft
Pediatric urology examination»
32 000 Ft
Pediatric urology controll
27 000 Ft
Pediatric urology consultation
Only by the suggestion
19 000 Ft
Small pediatric surgery
45 000 Ft


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