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We kindly ask our patients to bring their identification documents with them at every visit, because without them we cannot provide the care required by law. This is necessary even if you have been to our institution before.

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Please note that, for professional reasons, not all of our orders can be booked on-line. In such cases, we await your reservation requests by phone!

Below you will find our telephone contact details for our Call Centre.
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Istenhegyi Géndiagnosztikai Centrum:

1125 Budapest, Zalatnai street 2.

Géndinó Pediatrics:

1125 Budapest, Istenhegyi út 31.
(A gyermek ultrahangvizsgálatok a
zalatnai utcai épületben zajlanak.)

Opening hours

Hétfő 08:00 – 18:30
Kedd 08:00 – 18:30
Szerda 08:00 – 18:30
Csütörtök 08:00 – 18:30
Péntek 08:00 – 16:30

The latest time our laboratory can receive calls is 1 hour before closing time.


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Preliminary online data collection

If you have never visited us before, please register your personal details online before arrival by clicking the button below! Please make a note of the ID you receive on registration or bring it with you to speed up the time taken to register your patient. The form is only available in Hungarian

Please always bring your patient’s ID with you, otherwise the treatment cannot be carried out!

How to find us

Public transport:

Buses 21A and 21 from Széll Kálmán Square (former Moszkva Square) to the fourth stop, or from Déli Railway Station to the third stop (Szent Orbán Square).

From the direction of Alkotás road
Turn right at Déli station > Nagyenyed street continue on > Istenhegyi út > Tusnádi köz >Tusnádi utca > Zalatnai utca
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Zalatnai street is one-way from above

From the BAH junction
Jagelló út > Stromfeld Aurél út > Orbánhegyi út > Szent Orbán tér > Istenhegyi út > Tusnádi köz >Tusnádi utca > Zalatnai utca

Parking: free parking in the surrounding streets. The Centrum’s 12-space free parking lot is located on Zalatnai Street, on the right hand side. To the left is the parking lot of the Istenhegyi Clinic (the nearest to Géndino Pediatrics), which can be used for a fee of HUF 1000.

GPS-coordinates: 47.501576 19.007592


  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to each examination appointment so that administration can be completed before the appointment!
  • If you are 5 or more minutes late, we cannot guarantee your appointment, as the next patient after you will not be able to reschedule
  • Please note that, due to the nature of specialist care at our institution, there may be a delay to your appointment from the medical side. However, our specialists will do their utmost to avoid this.
  • The decision to wear a face mask has been revoked as of 1 May, so its general wearing is not compulsory in our institution. However, our doctors may request the mask to be worn in some of our surgeries, and a mask will be provided free of charge.
  • If possible, please have ONE person accompany the patient to the examination
  • In order to reduce the number of people in the building and to facilitate the work of the specialist, please do not bring children to the examination if you can manage it
  • If the child is the subject of the examination, both parents may attend the examination
  • Hand disinfection is recommended on entry

Thank you for your cooperation!

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    General pediatric examination
    The clinic offers both acute and chronic paediatric care
    32 000 Ft
    CRP laborautomata teszt
    3 000 Ft
    RSV laborautomata teszt
    4 000 Ft
    COVID/Influenza A,B komplex laborautomata teszt
    4 000 Ft
    Pediatric Allergology Examination
    32 000 Ft
    Pediatric Allergology Controll
    27 000 Ft
    Evaluation of Alex test within Pediatric Allergology Examination
    39 000 Ft
    Evaluation of Alex test
    27 000 Ft
    Please note that In the case of allergy tests requested without a specialist examination, we cannot be held responsible if the patient has not taken the test that is right for them.
    Blood testing is available every weekday between 9:00-14:30, advance booking required.
    Alex test complete panel test
    result in 3 weeks
    79 900 Ft
    Alex test subpanels
    result in 3 weeks
    49 900-69 900 Ft
    Inhalative 30 IgE panel
    result in 2 weeks
    16 900 Ft
    Nutritive 30 IgE panel
    result in 2 weeks
    16 900 Ft
    Child 16 IgE panel
    result in 2 weeks
    16 900 Ft
    Unique allergens
    by allergens
    6 000 Ft
    Component based allergy testing (molecular)
    price by components
    5 900 Ft
    by allergens
    900 Ft
    Child ad baby blood sampling fee
    The price is payable once per visit, regardless of the number of tests ordered. The anaesthesia used during blood sampling is free of charge for children.
    3.200 Huf
    Newborn ultrasound screening (infant ultrasound) »
    Three regions: skull, abdomen and hips
    32 000 Ft
    Twin newborn ultrasound screening with discount (twin discount per child)
    27 000 Ft
    Newborn ultrasound examination (infant ultrasound)
    Examination of a region
    19 000 Ft
    Pediatric ultrasound (abdominal and pelvic)
    Up to 14 years of age
    21 000 Ft
    Child ultrasound for other regions
    up to the age of 14
    17 000 Ft
    Child ultrasound check
    until the age of 14
    15 000 Ft
    Specialist examination in infant and paediatric cardiology »
    Please note that we can examine children weighing up to 30 kg in our paediatric cardiology clinic.
    36 000 Ft
    Specialist control in infant and paediatric cardiology
    31 000 Ft
    Genetic counselling
    32 000 Ft
    Humangenetic consultation
    25 000 Ft
    Testing for inherited genetic disorders
    Genetic counselling or consultation required
    unique price
    SMA genetic testing
    góGenetic counselling or consultation required
    49 000 Ft
    Duchenne/Becker muscledistrophy (DMD) genetic testing
    Genetic counselling or consultation required
    165 000 Ft
    Fragile X-syndrome genetic testing
    Genetic counselling or consultation required
    105 000 Ft
    Cystic Fibrosis genetic testing
    Genetic counselling or consultation required
    85 000 Ft
    Cariotyping (cytogentical chromosomes testing)
    Genetic counselling or consultation required
    45 000 Ft
    Lactose sensitivity genetic susceptibility testing
    Genetic counselling or consultation required
    16 500 Ft
    Gluten sensitivity genetic susceptibility testing
    Genetic counselling or consultation required
    33 000 Ft
    Paediatric neurological examination
    36 000 Ft
    Pediatric urology examination»
    32 000 Ft
    Pediatric urology controll
    27 000 Ft
    Pediatric urology consultation
    Only by the suggestion
    19 000 Ft
    Small pediatric surgery
    45 000 Ft


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