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An ultrasound scan of the hips, abdomen and skull at 6-8 weeks after birth can reveal birth and developmental problems that may not yet be causing visible problems, but early detection is important for the healthy development of your baby. The infant ultrasound scan is completely safe and painless, has no side effects and babies tolerate it peacefully. You can as well contact us if your child needs a radiological screening recommended by a pediatric doctor. The examinations test is performed by our paediatric radiologists  Dr. Ildikó Várkonyi  and Dr. Anna Nyitrai senior physician and clinical specialist at the Department of Paediatrics I at Semmelweis University.

For the babies

Ultrasound screening can help to treat problems detected early and more effectively. In many cases, problems that can only be corrected with surgery or long-term treatment can be prevented. It is therefore recommended that all babies from 6-8 weeks to 5-6 months of age should have an ultrasound screening.

Frequently asked questions

When should I have an infant ultrasound screening test?

The ideal time to have a screening ultrasound scan is around 6-8 weeks of age. An abdominal ultrasound scan can be done at any age, ultrasound scans of the hip can be done from 6 weeks to 5-6 months of age as long as the head of the femur is cartilaginous. Brain ultrasound can be performed until the skull is ossified, i.e. until the child is 6 months old, because after that the ultrasound does not pass through the skull bone.

Who is ultrasound screening recommended for?

Ultrasound screening is recommended for all babies, but it is highly recommended for babies with a family history of developmental disorders, kidney disease, hip dysplasia. Ultrasound screening of the baby is also recommended if the baby’s development is below average.

What are ultrasound scans for?

Ultrasound scans of the skull, abdomen and hips can detect congenital malformations that would otherwise not cause any complaints or symptoms, as well as abnormalities that may have occurred during the perinatal period. Infant ultrasound scans can also detect abnormalities that intrauterine ultrasound scans cannot yet detect.

Will the baby hurt?

An ultrasound scan is not painful or a health risk for the baby and can be repeated indefinitely if necessary. Of course, in most babies, no abnormalities are found.

How long does the ultrasound scan take?

An ultrasound scan of your baby covering all the important details takes about 10 minutes.

How is the scan done?

When the baby arrives for the ultrasound scan, the parent lays the baby down on the examination bed and our paediatric ultrasound doctor uses the ultrasound head to examine the baby’s head, tummy and hips. The examination is completely painless and not stressful for the baby. At the end of the scan, our doctor will verbally assess the results, which the parent will receive a text report. If necessary, we will provide help and information on what to do next.


General pediatric examination
The clinic offers both acute and chronic paediatric care
32 000 Ft
CRP laborautomata teszt
3 000 Ft
RSV laborautomata teszt
4 000 Ft
COVID/Influenza A,B komplex laborautomata teszt
4 000 Ft
Pediatric Allergology Examination
32 000 Ft
Pediatric Allergology Controll
27 000 Ft
Evaluation of Alex test within Pediatric Allergology Examination
39 000 Ft
Evaluation of Alex test
27 000 Ft
Please note that In the case of allergy tests requested without a specialist examination, we cannot be held responsible if the patient has not taken the test that is right for them.
Blood testing is available every weekday between 9:00-14:30, advance booking required.
Alex test complete panel test
result in 3 weeks
79 900 Ft
Alex test subpanels
result in 3 weeks
49 900-69 900 Ft
Inhalative 30 IgE panel
result in 2 weeks
16 900 Ft
Nutritive 30 IgE panel
result in 2 weeks
16 900 Ft
Child 16 IgE panel
result in 2 weeks
16 900 Ft
Unique allergens
by allergens
6 000 Ft
Component based allergy testing (molecular)
price by components
5 900 Ft
by allergens
900 Ft
Child ad baby blood sampling fee
The price is payable once per visit, regardless of the number of tests ordered. The anaesthesia used during blood sampling is free of charge for children.
3.200 Huf
Newborn ultrasound screening (infant ultrasound) »
Three regions: skull, abdomen and hips
32 000 Ft
Twin newborn ultrasound screening with discount (twin discount per child)
27 000 Ft
Newborn ultrasound examination (infant ultrasound)
Examination of a region
19 000 Ft
Pediatric ultrasound (abdominal and pelvic)
Up to 14 years of age
21 000 Ft
Child ultrasound for other regions
up to the age of 14
17 000 Ft
Child ultrasound check
until the age of 14
15 000 Ft
Specialist examination in infant and paediatric cardiology »
Please note that we can examine children weighing up to 30 kg in our paediatric cardiology clinic.
36 000 Ft
Specialist control in infant and paediatric cardiology
31 000 Ft
Genetic counselling
32 000 Ft
Humangenetic consultation
25 000 Ft
Testing for inherited genetic disorders
Genetic counselling or consultation required
unique price
SMA genetic testing
góGenetic counselling or consultation required
49 000 Ft
Duchenne/Becker muscledistrophy (DMD) genetic testing
Genetic counselling or consultation required
165 000 Ft
Fragile X-syndrome genetic testing
Genetic counselling or consultation required
105 000 Ft
Cystic Fibrosis genetic testing
Genetic counselling or consultation required
85 000 Ft
Cariotyping (cytogentical chromosomes testing)
Genetic counselling or consultation required
45 000 Ft
Lactose sensitivity genetic susceptibility testing
Genetic counselling or consultation required
16 500 Ft
Gluten sensitivity genetic susceptibility testing
Genetic counselling or consultation required
33 000 Ft
Paediatric neurological examination
36 000 Ft
Pediatric urology examination»
32 000 Ft
Pediatric urology controll
27 000 Ft
Pediatric urology consultation
Only by the suggestion
19 000 Ft
Small pediatric surgery
45 000 Ft


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